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We’re introducing a new Akvopedia portal to guide our users through critical water and sanitation choices. The Decision & Assessment Tools portal has 21 tools, some of which originate from our other portals and some brand new to Akvopedia, consolidated into the new portal for convenience. With so much information on the web coming from the thousands of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) organisations around the world, users need to know how best to navigate the information stream. 

Often a WASH project has specific needs, e.g. they have limited water resources in a particular geography or only enough funds to cover latrines or pumps, but not both. Or they might need to know what types of water resources (groundwater, rainwater, etc.) are in their area and consistent enough to count on, so that they can present an assessment to potential funders who require it. These types of “weighing the options” are what our decision and assessment tools can provide.

For example, our Water Compass tool allows organisations to choose from 11 different circumstances that WASH projects face. Ones like water table depth, contaminants list, affordability and preferred management level. Then after checking all of the appropriate boxes, users are presented with the right drinking water technologies for their particular situation. This can save organisations a lot of time and resources spent doing independent research on their own.

Some tools help organisations to reach out better with the information they have, so as to garner community support and action. For instance, the Interactive Community Planning tool helps group leaders to create printed charts, graphics, or checklists to hand out to the community, to help them get more excited about new WASH projects where their support could make the difference between success or failure.

Other tools help specifically with the financials of a project. For instance, the Borehole Costing Model allows users to see some solid metrics on the unit, labour, and lifecycle costs of implementing a borehole in a community.

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If you have a decision or assessment tool, we’d love to have it on Akvopedia. Email winona[at] for details.

Winona Azure is the editor of Akvopedia. She is based in Oakland, California.