We held our latest partner meeting at our new home in the International Water House in the Netherlands on Tuesday.

It was a great turnout. In no particular order, I’d like to thank everyone for coming: Robert Meerman from RAIN Foundation and Caroline Figueres from IICD, Marjolein Meerburg of Practica, Nick Dickinson from IRC, Gert de Bruijne from WASTE and Maria Laura Sorrentino from UNESCO-IHE, Edwoud Kok also of UNESCO-IHE, Edwin van Someren and Mary-Ann Sandifort of Women for Water Partnership, Doris Moller of WECF, Dirk Glas from Simavi and Anne-Mieke van Breukelen from Connect International.

We’re coming to the end of our latest 3-month development cycle and will be launching the latest version of the Akvo system at World Water Forum 5 in Turkey next month.

Here’s Thomas Bjelkeman-Pettersson introducing Akvo’s new features for Spring 2009. The 25 minute discussion covers the ‘money box’, and how donor-to-project partner payment systems are being developed.

Thomas showcases our brand new widget tools, which from early March will allow any partner to feature projects or updates directly on their own website automatically.

He also talks about translation tools and our plans for translation of the system. We’ll be sharing more details on the new features over coming weeks as our partners start using them. There are more photos from the meeting here.