There are two points each year when those working on global water issues come together – one is UN World Water Day in March and the other is World Water Week, held each summer in Stockholm. This is Akvo’s fifth World Water Week. Here’s what we’re doing:


Akvo Strategy Meeting – Villa Kakelbont

For two days from Friday we’re working with our board of directors to review Akvo’s progress and look ahead from here. This meeting is being held at Thomas and Anke’s house on the edge of Stockholm. We’ll feature some of this online, especially where we get good / challenging / irritatingly-honest input from our board.

AKVO RSR postcard480

The Akvo Stand at World Water Week

Having spent four years avoiding doing a conventional exhibition stand, we’ve decided to break our own rule and do one. With a really big screen (well, 2.4m x 1.4m), we’re going to demo Akvo to everyone who will listen. Thomas Bjelkeman and Mark Tiele Westra will lead, with Peter van der Linde on hand to tie down partnerships. It’s the first major outing for our new product messaging, designed to explain the key features and benefits of Akvo to those working on international development projects. It will also be the first appearance of a new water and sanitation decision support tool we’ve developed with our partners.

Watercube mosaic480

WaterCube 4

National Geographic described it as one of the highlights of the 2010 World Water Week in Stockholm. Now the WaterCube team lands at our fourth event, with Flip and mobile phone camcorders, distinctive white cube studio and unique rapid-fire interviews, shared online. WaterCube is our digital joint venture with show organisers SIWI and respected knowledge institute IRC. Mark Charmer and Luuk Diphoorn will be running this again, along with Nick Dickinson and Dick de Jong from IRC, with support from SIWI’s new social media lead, Rami Abdel Rahmen. As usual, we also have a couple of guest reporters. To date we’ve brought online 300 short video interviews and we’re hoping to get close to the 500 mark by the time we close on Friday 26th. We go live at lunchtime this Sunday (21st August).

Akvo reception

On the evening of Monday 22 August, we’re hosting a reception at the Dutch Embassy in Stockholm, with NWP, Aqua for All and IRC. We’ve already had 80 yesses, including what appears to be every American visiting World Water Week. So it should be a fun evening. We’re very grateful to The Royal Netherlands Embassy for generously providing a great space, for free. Do get in touch if you’d like to join us.

Mark Charmer is a co-founder of Akvo.