We only hold a few all-Akvo staff meetings each year, because everyone’s spread around the world. So they’re quite special.

Last week’s, held in Amsterdam, was by far our biggest yet. We had 27 people together.

We’re now too big to fit the entire team in the Amsterdam office comfortably, so we used a beautiful venue called The Playing Circle, a short walk from our office (can I move in there please?).

Trying to capture everyone together in a photograph or video is hard when you reach that number, so instead I camped like a paparazzi in the street as everyone headed to and from lunch and snapped them talking. I really like these pictures because they capture a lot of character dynamics and a little of what it feels like to stroll through Amsterdam where we’re based. I will caption them properly when I have the time, with who’s who. They may also provide the basis for a set of new “team pages” on the website, somewhere down the line.

It’s set up as a slideshow below, if you want the full experience.

Mark Charmer is a co-founder and communications director at Akvo.

* apart from Luuk, who was in Nairobi. Oh, and Emily, who was in Brooklyn. And Jo, who’s about to have a baby.