We thought you would like to know about some improvements we’ve recently made to the budget items in the funding information section of project pages on Akvo Really Simple Reporting (RSR).

Looking at many of our partners’ project budgets, we saw several common line items beyond those in the standard Akvo RSR list. We also saw several which were not common; either only used by certain organisations or unique to a particular project.

So, what did we do? We added two new items (italicised below) to our standard list:

Building Materials

And each project now has three “other” line items to which you can affix your own line item text.

Adding additional budget items in the new ‘other’ field in the Akvo RSR admin interface

So if your budget includes a line item for something unusual (like grass seed, or lawn mowers ;-) ), you can have that appear on your budget in RSR.

This is how ‘other’ budget line items appear in the funding information section of your project page

Here’s a little video we made that explains these changes:

The Akvo partner team will continue to monitor items appearing on project budgets. As and when other frequently-used-items appear, they will be added to the standard list available for all projects. We hope these changes will give partners the ability to examine and compare like items across different project and programme budgets while providing them with the flexibility of displaying organisation or project-specific items.

Beth Whiteside is Akvo’s quality assurance manager.