• Written by Mark Charmer
    14 December 2008

Yesterday we were invited to join a presentation to Jimmy Wales, the father of Wikipedia along with the Wikimedia Foundation, including Sue Gardner, its executive director.

The meeting provided a window into some amazing work going on to achieve social change through technology in India, led by Rohini Nilekani. It covered the work of Arghyam, eGovernments Foundation, Pratham Books and the amazing child tracking tools of Karnataka Learning Partnership.

Photo: Wikipedia’s founder Jimmy Wales was fascinated by the innovative children’s books from India’s Pratham Books, designed to reduce the cost of providing books to the children of India.

You can check out some photos by clicking on the montage below:

Picture 8.png

The American team were on a fact-finding mission in India, and Thomas was able to outline how Akvo fits into the Indian development context and how the Akvopedia takes forward the principles of Wikipedia to help tackle poverty through open knowledge sharing. We received an enthusiastic response to the potential for Really Simple Reporting to have an impact.