Meet Michiel Roodenburg and Joost Notenboom. These two Dutch students are about to undertake the adventure of their lifetimes. They’re going to cycle the entire length of the Americas, from Alaska to Argentina – that’s 30,000 kilometres (18,641 miles). And they’re raising money as they go for water projects in Latin America, using Akvo. There’s a full lowdown on their great website at

Photo: Michiel and Joost on the Akvo boat, with one of their gorgeous bamboo cycle frames, designed and made for them in California by Calfee Design. Amsterdam, 27 May 2010. There’s more on the frame design here. More shots here.

They’ll cover the distance over a period of 18 months, starting on the 4th of July from Deadhorse in northern Alaska all the way down to the most southern tip of Argentina at Ushuaia.

They’re aiming to complete this monumental task on bamboo bicycles (which would be a first), raise awareness on the global water crisis and fundraise for water projects in Latin America.

Check out this great (Dutch language) interview feature with the guys, on

For a quick English summary of their trip take a look at this video interview I shot at Akvo HQ in The Hague recently. Charmer also spoke to them in depth on the Akvo boat late last month in Amsterdam.

Joost and Michiel will actively be fundraising along their journey through the US for water projects in Latin America, and have already demonstrated a talent for gaining publicity with some nice media interviews already in the bag. They approached Akvo to see if it would possible to identify at least one good water project in each country in Latin America they will be travelling through. You can keep track of their journey here on their website, and help raise funds for the projects they’ve chosen.

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At this moment in time this project in Guatemala has already been selected, with more to follow in the coming months. One of the great things we can offer here is the ability for the guys to choose projects in different locations and adapt their targets based on how much interest is generated.

We wish Joost and Michiel all the best of luck, and look forward to seeing how this adventure of theirs will unfold. You can also follow them via Twitter (@CycleforWater) and Facebook

Luuk Diphoorn is project coordinator at Akvo.