There are now some really interesting social ventures using Akvo RSR to bring to life international development initiatives.

A great example is a project called Sujol. The team is using Akvo RSR to bring the entire social venture to life as it unfolds in Bangladesh. Akvo’s also helping them with branding and communications – so how to inject some fizz and dynamism into the journey so that people get excited.

Photo: Akvo’s Mark Charmer (centre) with Frederik Classen (left) and Thomas Schuurmans (right). Amsterdam, March 2012.

Last month I spent time with some of the key people involved at the Dutch end of the initiative – Frederik Claasen, Thomas Schuurmans, Allerd Stikker and Akvo’s own Frodo van Oostveen. Here’s a video playlist covering interviews with each of them. I hope it helps everyone get under the skin of the people and vision behind this project.

You can dip around the various interviews by browsing the YouTube Sujol playlist here. You can see the first implementation of Sujol in Bangladesh here in Akvo RSR. And here’s a set of photos I took during my day with the team last month.

Mark Charmer is a co-founder of Akvo