With just over a week to go, the Walking for Water campaign team is getting ready for UN World Water Day 2013. This year’s World Water Day will be hosted in The Hague, Netherlands on the 22nd March. With 2013 being the UN International Year of Water Cooperation, the theme of World Water Day 2013 is water cooperation. Various speeches, presentations and interactive discussions will be hosted by political and governmental leaders, as well as members of the UN High Level Panel. The great thing about this year’s edition of UN World Water Day, is that Walking for Water will have both a stand and a short plenary session almost entirely run by our child ambassadors. The team of child ambassadors will interview important people visiting the World Water Day both inside the venue and at Walking for Water’s outside stand in the city centre of The Hague; Buitenhof. The children think it is very important for the ministers, scientists and directors to talk about water problems and solutions together. But, at the same time, they want them to actually do something too – to start walking for water with them. The Walking for Water campaign is aimed at raising awareness and funds for water and sanitation projects all over the world. Throughout the week that World Water Day takes place, school children aged 10-13 walk the average distance (6 km) that their peers in developing countries have to walk daily to collect water. This year’s Walking for Water has already set a record: more than 6,000 kids from 21 countries are going to take the walk. Over the past 10 years, school children in the Netherlands have raised more than five million Euro for water and sanitation projects in Africa, South America and Asia. One of the children that walked for water in the Netherlands is Job Labrie. He was curious about the well his school raised funds for, and his parents decided to take Job and his brother to Bangladesh, where this well is situated. Their adventures in Bangladesh were filmed and can be seen in the series called ‘Just Water’. These great films give real insight into the water and sanitation issues children in developing countries, such as Bangladesh, face every day. More information on this has been featured in earlier blogs about Walking for Water in South Africa and Edinburgh in 2011 and 2012. Photos and videos of earlier Walking for Water editions can be found here. Stay tuned for more news around Walking for Water at UN World Water Day! Lissy van Noort is a project officer at Akvo.