Akvo Really Simple Reporting is being used to different degrees by hundreds of organisations. Here are a few of my favourite examples right now, that make the most of Akvo RSR and its customisation features:


UNDP – The United Nations Development Programme has trialled Akvo RSR in Central and Eastern Europe. It’s now bringing online further projects, focused on economic development, gender equality, health, conservation and energy. The projects are a little bigger in size than I think is ideal – I’d rather there were more small ones so they’d be less intimidating for local field teams to add updates to – but it’s a really promising start. https://undp.akvoapp.org/


Text to Change – Implementing SMS and mobile based information services in some of the poorest places on earth, Text to Change is a partner in the Connect4Change Dutch development aid programme. They’ve also brought the rest of their project portfolio online this summer, too. They’ve integrated the project listings really nicely into their site on both the home page and under the “projects” tab. I think it’s one of the best implementations of Akvo RSR partner sites to date. www.texttochange.org


Dutch WASH Alliance – This is one of our biggest consortium partners, a €50m aid programme, backed by the Dutch foreign ministry, and part of its MFSII funding round. It focuses on improving water, sanitation and hygiene conditions for people in eight of the poorest countries in the world. This is an Akvo RSR implementation that has real depth – lots of projects, and more than 100 partner organisations involved at a field level. Akvo’s partner team provides field training on an ongoing basis to help the local teams get the most out of RSR and motivate them to post great status updates as projects progress. https://www.washalliance.nl


Sujol – Right now featuring just one project location using Akvo RSR, Sujol is poised to scale. This ground-breaking social enterprise is currently in the test phase of an ambitious venture that could eventually spark the creation of up to 30,000 local water enterprises in Bangladesh, to tackle arsenic contamination in existing water supplies. Backed by Unilever Ventures and a raft of other interesting organisations, Sujol has the best project update stream of any current Akvo RSR partner. www.sujol.com

Commonsites – Commonsites focuses on heritage and conservation projects and has taken Akvo RSR and done a really nice job of building its entire service on top of the tool. The website harnesses RSR in numerous ways, with RSR map widgets on the home page and offered directly to partners to embed themselves. The projects are easy to find and navigate and the menu tabs and style directly match RSR’s – creating a really smoothly integrated site. www.commonsites.net


Redticbolivia – I’m especially proud of this partner site because I got it set up in one afternoon, following a quick Skype chat from La Paz to Amsterdam. A regional coordinator for the Connect4Change Dutch aid consortia, Redticbolivia has a great list of projects and is working with C4C to chase each field partner to post updates. They link to the list from their home page and are now benefiting from the new Spanish language interface for Akvo RSR. https://redticbolivia.akvoapp.org/es/

Mark Charmer is a co-founder and communications director at Akvo.

Updated 7 Sept 2012: Added Commonsites, another of my favourites.
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Updated 21 Feb 2012: Updated a few links.