We’ve spent time this summer improving how we describe Akvo to customers. Jo Pratt in London has done a great job helping me refine the definition of key Akvo users, and you’ll see further changes to the “About us” and “Get involved” content across Akvo.org this autumn.

For context, let’s first define Akvo’s core customers and what we help them do:

I’m a company. I want to improve our corporate philanthropy.
Do more. Do it more easily. Show the impact.

I’m a charity. I want to improve reporting and increase funding.
Get more field projects online. Connect funds to projects. Keep funders happy. Write fewer proposals.

I work in the field. We want to connect and get support.
Exchange field experience and share project updates. Find funding when you need it. Create better reports.

I fund development aid. I want it to be more effective and transparent.
Tell the story on the ground. Connect many partners. Show your impact.

I’m a tech and/or water geek. I want to use the Akvo platform.
Share knowledge. Build systems using Akvo tools. Help us build the platform.

I’m just one person. I want to do some good.
Create a campaign. Support a campaign. Spread the word.

The key step this summer has been to create a set of “one-pagers” that explain the main pieces that we offer. These are in PDF form and can printed in colour, emailed to people or laminated and used in meetings (Peter’s idea, which works well – people instinctively want to steal the laminated version). I’m really grateful to Anke van Lenteren for doing the page layouts and coping with our edits.

Here are four of the one-pagers. In each case, you can click on the image to download the PDF file. Or click here to download all four as a zip file (1.6MB).

Akvo Marketplace


Akvo CSR

akvocsr2.001 500.jpg

Akvo Really Simple Reporting


Akvo Campaigns – Walking for Water

Akvowfw.002 500.jpg

Over the coming weeks we’ll be redesigning key pages on the website that tell the “About Akvo” story and you’ll see many of these themes incorporated there, too.

Mark Charmer is a co-founder of Akvo and directs its communications.