De Parade, a traveling theatre festival in the Netherlands has given GET IT DONE and Akvo the opportunity to raise funds for development aid projects all over the world for the last three years now. With the concept GIVASHIT, people are dared to throw money into a giant toilet seat (see photo above) in order to fund a project. Last year, GIVASHIT raised over €30.000.

Photo: The giant toilet seat at De Parade in The Hague, July 2012

De Parade is a very popular event amongst different layers of the Dutch society. There is a special ‘Kinderparade’ for children, lots of performances for adults, a carousel (which is attended mostly by kids during the day but at night you’ll only find adults in there), a typical Dutch ‘poffertjeskraam’ where you can make your own poffertjes, a silent disco and many great looking bars and restaurants.

One of the many bars at De Parade in Rotterdam, July 2012

This year, the Ubuntu Streetkids Foundation brought in three projects, hosted on GET IT The other four projects linked to the GIVASHIT concept of this year are visible on the Akvo platform. The overall theme of these seven projects is creativity. Some of them empower youngsters by teaching them performing arts, while others try to engage children and youngsters with new forms of ICT, such as using smartboards for learning or using computers for making and mixing music. Trying to inform children about important topics while training them on football skills is another project that you can find at De Parade. This great video shows the project activities in a nutshell. The fourth project we’re hosting is a water project in Thailand.

After visiting Rotterdam and The Hague, De Parade is now settled down in Utrecht. So far, €12.291 is donated to GIVEASHIT, a great score! De Parade will move to Amsterdam mid-August and stays there until the finishing day, 26th August.

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Lissy van Noort is a project officer at Akvo