For the fourth consecutive year, Akvo was involved with the toilet blocks at De Parade theatre festival in the Netherlands. The Parade is a major summertime event that stages through four Dutch cities – Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and Amsterdam, attracting 240,000 visitors this year.

GIVASHIT is the crowdfunding concept of the Parade toilets that our partner Get it Done came up with. Visitors are challenged to “GIVASHIT” and make a donation each time they visit the toilet. The revenue is donated to small-scale development projects that improve the lives of thousands of people.

One of the GIVASHIT toilet blocks. De Parade Festival. Utrecht, Netherlands. Wednesday 20 July 2011. Photos here by Mark Charmer.

As mentioned in Peter’s blog written at the beginning of the festival we aimed to raise a record of €50,000 this year. However, the amount raised for projects this year was € 30,577.  We probably did not reach our goal because the weather did not get better after the rainy opening. The festival attracted 18,000 visitors less than the year before, when the weather was more fortunate. Nevertheless, we are very proud of this year’s revenue.

The video below gives an impression of our activities at De Parade 2011:

The money raised contributes to several development projects, of which three are on the Akvo site:

Mobiles Against Malaria, in Malawi.

Fair trade for beekeepers, in Zambia

Safe drinking water for villages, in Bangladesh

You can see where the money is being spent by following progress of the projects online. The other projects are hosted on the Get it Done site.

I would like to specially thank our partners Get it Done and De Parade, and everyone else who helped setting the toilet blocks up. And most of all, thanks a lot to all the donors.