Gothree60x480 There was an informal event here at the AmLab in Amsterdam last night to launch AmLab’s new identity and the first joint product from the group. It’s called Three60. To recap, AmLab is not just the location of our headquarters, but also a physical hotspot for international development and innovation in the centre of Amsterdam. AmLab is an initiative of three partners – 1%CLUB, Text to Change and Akvo. It’s housed in a 370 year old building with a fascinating history – it was formerly the headquarters of the Dutch West Indies Trading Company. Last November, the AmLab partners, led by 1%CLUB, were awarded a phase one grant, with the brief to “Show the world aid is working – let’s ask the crowd”. On May 1, we submitted our AmLab Phase two proposal to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s Grand Challenge Explorations programme. Last night we presented our journey through phase one, a movie and website to everyone here. Afterwards there was plenty of opportunity to experience the website, share feedback and get together. It’s been a big team effort so we used the opportunity to say thanks to lots of people. You can see the result at

AmLab doesn’t have its own blog yet, so we’ve posted the joint blog on this below: 

Just imagine a tool that shows how aid is working. It’s getting more and more realistic as we launched AmLab’s new identity and our new concept: Three60.


(Amsterdam Lab) is the physical hotspot for development and innovation in the center of Amsterdam. The place to be for anyone who is involved in international development. AmLab is an initiative of 1%CLUB, Akvo and Text to Change.


wants to become the Global Label for Aid Transparency and Data Gathering using mobile phones as a reporting tool. The Three60 approach has the potential to make information about aid that is, aggregated bottom-up, sourced from multiple viewpoints, open, and real-time, accessible to all. This new way of communicating about the impact of aid gives anyone, anywhere, the possibility to get involved and see for themselves how aid is working. On the 1st of May AmLab has submitted its first full proposal for Phase II of the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation (BMGF) Grand Challenge Exploration, after been granted for Phase I in November 2012: Show the world aid is working, lets ask the crowd. Three60 was developed in cooperation with Cannes Chimera during a workshop session in Seattle. 1%CLUB, Akvo and Text to Change have joined forces in AmLab and Three60, because together we have the expertise and tools to increase our reach and revitalize traditional development aid practices with technological innovation:
  • 360, because we want to make aid transparent, 360 degrees around the world.
  • 360, because we believe aid should be visible from every angle in the development chain.
  • 360, because we want to establish a 360º feedback loop connecting everybody.
  • 360, because that will be our global SMS short code for everybody to send their feedback to about development projects they are involved in.
Three60 is not only a platform, it’s a movement to get people more involved into the transition of becoming more open about development aid.  We want to achieve total transparency using a bottom up approach. How is our approach radically new compared to traditional data-gathering methods for aid?

Join the future of aid transparency now at  GoThree60  Three60 is an initiative of 1%CLUB, Akvo and Text to Change; Three organizations who share a firm belief in the potential of modern technologies to speed up development. All three partners have been pioneering tools for social change since 2008 and have developed tools and services that are in use by governments, companies, NGOs and communities across the globe.

Frodo van Oostveen is a programme manager at Akvo, based in Amsterdam.