Last week Akvo had a technical encounter with Zimmerman & Zimmerman, in Amsterdam, of which I’m managing partner. We organised a 2 day hackathon to see how we could fit Aidstream to Akvo RSR and Akvo Openaid and vice versa. Aidstream provides organisations with an IATI publication tool out of the box. The goal of this hackathon was to A: establish a good understanding of the underlying technology that drives Aidstream, B: provide the Akvo RSR tech team with a better understanding on how to enrich the Aidstream datamodel with RSR data and C: enrich Akvo Openaid with a function to modify IATI activities on its front-end interface and make real-time changes to Aidstream.

One of our obvious conclusions is that creating and connecting aid development tracking tools is not a trivial task by any means. We do however found connecting more (open-source) “ICT4D” (information and communication technologies for development) tools will create tremendous added value to the community. While two days just covered our initial tasks at most, we still need to do some more gruntwork in order to finish some loose ends on our work. I will report on our final findings in the New Year.

I have tried to aggregate our findings from the hackathon and singled them out in once piece posted on Medium.com, which you can read here.

Siem Vaessen is managing director of Zimmerman & Zimmerman, an Akvo technical partner based in Amsterdam.
Source Medium post: https://medium.com/iati-stuff/mapping-and-merging-iati-tools-in-amsterdam-hackathon-907fce00f7cc