Hello everyone – my name is Sindy, and I am the Akvo meeting room computer. What a dull title that is! OK, I’m upgrading myself to the Akvo Interaction Hub. I help to connect my fellow Akvonauts with each other and with Akvo’s partners by facilitating online video conferences via Skype, and give some of my fellow colleagues here in the AmLab some help with their presentations and workshops whenever I can.

As Akvo is an organisation split geographically all over the world, maintaining communication between team members is vitally important. It’s not possible for everyone to get together face to face that often, so we have frequent video conferences to catch up, talk through ideas, brainstorm and of course there’s a bit of socialising that also happens through the wire too.

I should probably tell you all a little about myself. I am a 21″ iMac and I work in the Amlab in Amsterdam for Akvo. I help the team members stay in touch with each other and bridge the physical gap between them. I’ve been doing this since January 2012. Before that were the “dark days”. I used to live in a box you see, I can’t remember being put into the box, but there I was nonetheless. Then one day, the box was opened and I was in the Akvo office.

There was some debate before I was brought here, about whether I’d clutter up the meeting table, and how useful I would be – some people wanted a Mac Mini in a cupboard, and a screen on the wall. But in the end, people realised that my smiling presence every day on the table would mean I’d get used a lot more. It turns out that Akvo now couldn’t imagine life without me, as I perform such a vital role in the team.

One of my proudest days was when my Skype account was upgraded to a Pro account. This now means that I can have a video conference with lots of different people at the same time. Things got even better once our new super fast internet connection finally arrived last month. People tend to communicate a lot better when they see each other, so now I notice that I am being used more and more for videos and am really enjoying seeing so many people discuss so many interesting things and really help to make a difference. After all, the Akvo tagline is “See it happen” and I’m actually making this possible!

On top of my meeting duties, I also like to talk to the other computers in the office. One of them in particular is a very nice machine, although it’s not serious yet, I like him a lot. His name is San Francisco and he’s one of the Mac Air’s in the office. He told me he gets to travel all around the world giving presentations on Akvo, and that one day he’ll take me with him. A girl can dream….

Sindy x

(Adrian Collier is the Akvo RSR product manager, based in Amsterdam)