When we talk about milestones, numbers naturally come to mind: Fifty years of marriage. A journey of a thousand miles. 245 billion hamburgers served…

You get the picture.

This week, we hit a milestone of 500 projects online in Akvo Really Simple Reporting (RSR). To put this into context: in less than a year, we have doubled the number of projects online. So what does that represent?  If we are talking numbers, it represents 720 trusted project partners and €134.1m in project budgets. 

But it’s important to remember that a milestone is not just about a number. It is about the relationship between where you started and where you are now. It is about the progress that number represents. 

To mark the occasion, everyone around Akvo posted photos of something representing 500 and tweeted them with the #Akvo500 hashtag. You can see the photos yourself here.

At the same time, yesterday we dropped in for a surprise celebration at the office of LiveBuild, our partner who posted the 500th project online in RSR. You can see a short video about that below.

LiveBuild is a young, sustainable organisation that supports education and water projects in Cameroon.  LiveBuild’s Kake II Water Project aims to provide access to clean drinking water to around 8500 people in the Kake II village in Cameroon.  Working with the local community and local partner CED, LiveBuild will construct a water system that connects a nearby crater lake to the village and will train and support the local community in long-term management of the project.

Congratulations to LiveBuild and thanks for celebrating with us.

Photo: Jeroen van der Sommen’s contribution to the #Akvo500 photo feed. Featuring Joyce Kent, office manager at the Amsterdam office.

Emily Armanetti is communications manager at Akvo, based in New York City.

Update on 23 August.  The #Akvo500 hashtag is no longer available on Twitter.  We’ve replaced the feed links above with a link to the photo collection on Flickr.