• Written by Mark Charmer
    25 June 2014

Everyone at Akvo is part of the communications team, by being a real life and virtual personification of the organisation day to day. But the comms function itself is coordinated by a small team based in London, New York and Amsterdam. We help all Akvo staff develop the way they tell the Akvo story, how they explain our products, how they bring to life the work of partners and how they build new connections with like-minded people and groups. We also work hard to steer and evolve the brand and devise ways to help a growing organisation feel small, simple, dynamic and accessible.

We’d like to base a new communications person in our Amsterdam hub. We’re looking to find someone who really gets what we do and can help us take forward how we describe Akvo. You will also be the go-to person for people in Amsterdam when they need a piece of communications / marketing collateral. That might be a diagram, a map, a web page, a poster, a presentation or an event invitation to name a few examples. You’ll report to our communications director and communications manager in London. Your work is likely to involve some travel.

Above: Who wouldn’t want to work here? Akvo’s central Amsterdam office was built in 1642. Photo by Mark Charmer.

You will probably need to have at least three to five years experience of working in a communications role. You’ll definitely need excellent English (Dutch and other languages desirable too) and the ability to produce compelling content in simple language. You should also be comfortable working with new technology.

You’ll need the relevant permits to work in Europe, and we will not be able to assist with any expenses associated with relocation to the Netherlands.

If you’d like to apply please send a resumé, a motivation letter and any relevant portfolio links or attachments (you’ll win extra points if they’re links) to jo[at]akvo.org. If appropriate, reach out to us on Twitter at @charmermark or @jo108.

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Co-founder and communications director.