At Akvo, we have a host of fantastic projects all deserving of your money, but what’s the most effective way to actually donate? In an ideal world, every cent of a donation would go directly to the project, but in the real world, this is surprisingly hard to achieve. For instance, PayPal – the most used payment gateway – currently charges 3.9% plus 35 cents of each transaction.

In the Netherlands, the banks have put together a rather neat new payment system, called iDeal. The idea behind it is that people can handle online payments using their own bank’s system, and therefore without leaving the payment environment they are used to. The best part is that the fee is only 99 cents per transaction, regardless of the amount.

One of our star programmers, Paul Burt, has done some heavy Django lifting to integrate iDeal into the Akvo system. To do this, he used Mollie, a smart company who have absorbed the complexity necessitated by the banks and come up with a simple programming interface (API) to deal with iDeal payments. True to his (and our) nature, Paul has created an open source library in Django, which from now on will make it much easier for others to integrate iDeal into their websites. Paul explains his efforts in the video.

So, people of the Netherlands, start funding those fantastic projects!

Mark Westra the is editor of Akvopedia.