• Written by Mark Charmer
    9 January 2014

Video is a great way to show how we work at Akvo, and bring to life our interactions with partners around the world. Once uploaded to YouTube, videos are easy to embed in blogs, watch at Akvo.tv, post as Akvo RSR updates, or share via Twitter or Facebook.

There are various ways to record and share video. This 5:30 minute video covers doing it from an iPhone:

  • Learn how to share video clips from your iPhone to Akvo.tv
  • Trim a video clip
  • Publish a video straight from your iPhone to Akvo.tv’s YouTube channel, over the internet.
  • The operating system is iOS7, running on an iPhone 4S. Recorded in Bermondsey, London on 9 January 2014.

    You can see the test video that was uploaded here on Akvo.tv.


    This video is intended for Akvo team members, but may also be useful for other iPhone users who want to post videos from their iPhone to YouTube. Contact Mark, Jo or Lynn for the Akvo.tv YouTube account details.

    Coming soon? We should create a similar video but focused on Android phones.

    Co-founder and communications director.