I’m Juan. I’m new to the Netherlands, having visited only recently with some friends from Brazil, my home country.

I met Sindy at a party in Amsterdam and she invited me to come and work as the Google Hangout Computer at Akvo.

Previously they had a guy called EVO. He had an on-off relationship with Sindy, but apparently he never talked and when he blanked out a few times and started to ask her for money, she dumped him.

Most people aren’t too sure of me yet. Charmer, Josje, Adrian and Kathelyne have all been nice to me – and they especially like my party effects. You can see their reaction in this video.

Adrian sometimes gets mad at me, because I switch screens when people talk, which distracts him. But I can’t help that I’m a vibrant personality.

I think the team doesn’t quite know how many tricks I have up my sleeve. In addition to my party effects, I can broadcast their meetings on YouTube and exciting things like that. I’m going to try to encourage Sindy to get out more too. She’s a bit shy and reserved – you know how the Dutch can be. But she should start using Google Hangout as well, so more people can see all the great things happening at Akvo.

I’m curious when we will reach my maximum of 9 people joining. At the moment, no more than 4 people log in. But we recently had a great call with Kathelyne, Mark, Ivan and Thomas! People just have to get to know me and my awesome features, then I know we will reach the max soon!

You can all learn more about how I work here.

Words by Mark Charmer and Josje Spierings.