• Written by Hans Merton
    21 March 2013

We’ve been working closely for some time with IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre, to add some new portals to the Akvopedia.

Today, we’re showing off the new WASH Finance Portal for the first time, here at the multi-stakeholder event on water at the Peace Palace in the Hague. Coming one day before World Water Day, this major event will discuss the post-2015 agenda on water – ie what happens beyond the Millennium Development Goals.

Here’s a summary of what it’s all about, in PR-friendly words:

Akvopedia WASH Finance Portal

A new free and open source knowledge portal has been launched this week by Akvo and IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre, designed to help water and sanitation infrastructure teams achieve sustainable financing through the entire project life-cycle.

The WASH Finance portal is an extension of the popular Akvopedia online knowledge tool, intended for those working to establish basic water and sanitation infrastructure and services for the world’s poorest people.

Much of the material in the Finance Portal is sourced from the IRC’s WASHCost programme. This five year action research programme (2008-2012) gathered information related to the life-cycle costs of providing WASH services.

In addition to the articles about different types of costs, financing sources and monitoring tools, the Finance Portal includes a database of funds that are available for WASH projects or businesses in developing countries. You will also find links to the latest questions on finance from question and answer forum KnowledgePoint, as well as the latest finance news and publications from IRC’s MySource newsfeed.

Here’s a brief video interview we shot today with Jeroen van der Sommen, co-founder of Akvo and IRC’s Jeske Verhoeven.

Over time we plan to make the decision making and support steps ever more clear, and of course an obvious next step is to be able to see example projects live today in Akvo RSR too.

Hans Merton is a project manager at Akvo.