We did it. We showed the water world how important it is to not just talk the talk, but TAKE THE WALK.

On 22 March 2013, UN World Water Day took place in The Hague. Besides a lot of talking, the kid ambassadors of Walking for Water took action. They pulled participants of World Water Day away from their lunch and asked them to walk on the Walking for Water treadmill. While walking with the blue backpacks on their backs, the kids asked them what they do to solve water problems in the world. Ventanaz made a great video of these treadmill interviews which you can watch below. 

The kid ambassadors also hosted a short plenary session, with the video below playing as the World Water Day meeting closed.

Having the kid ambassadors around at a high level event such as UN World Water Day, was also noticed by Dutch television; School TV made an item about World Water Day, which can be seen here (it’s in Dutch).

But now a bit more about walking 6 km with 6 litres of water in a backpack…. This year, we set a new record! 34,000 kids from 23 countries took the walk this year. Together with my colleague Josje, I joined the walk in Bergschenhoek, the Netherlands. We made this compilation video of our experience. Photos of the international campaign can be found here. Photos of the Dutch campaign are visible here and for more videos click here.

I think we can be very proud of what has been achieved this year with the Walking for Water Campaign. Thanks to everyone who made this work – especially Dieuwertje, Chris and Pieter

Oh, and last but not least – three of the kid ambassadors were interviewed on the WaterCouch at World Water Day. Great video.

Addition by Mark Charmer: I also shot this video of Lissy and the Walking For Water team on the WaterCouch right at the end of World Water Day. It was great to see them so relaxed after everything had come off.

Lissy van Noort is a project officer at Akvo.