It’s busy here in Amsterdam as we enter the final days before Live Earth. Read on for a quick low-down on what’s going on, for friends and media who want to pick up the story. Get in touch if you need more info, or want to join us on the day.

Photo: Anna Norén and Peter van der Linde of Akvo check out the 1928 Olympic Stadium – the venue for Sunday’s Live Earth Run for Water, in Amsterdam.

Live Earth Run for Water in Amsterdam

What’s happening?

On Sunday 18 April, at 11am, people will come together at the historic 1928 Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam to run for water. Anyone can join in. Register online at

Sunday is the grand slam moment to conclude a month when Dutch kids and grown-ups have walked or run for water, raising money for water projects around the world. To date, more than €1.2 million has been donated to water projects.

Top Dutch celebrities and media will join thousands of people running for water over a 6km distance, the average that people must walk to fetch water in much of the developing world. This is one of many global runs and concerts, part of the Dow Live Earth Run for Water.

Why come?

Be inspired by the kids. Meet the children who have raised more than €1.2 million. They’ll be telling their story, in front of the cameras.

Aid spending tied to real projects. Meet the people changing the way we spend development aid. Talk to and see what you’re spending money on. See demonstrations of some of the great technologies that can transform people’s living conditions.

Meet the celebrities joining the run.
See sports and television personalities such as Inge de Bruijn, Gerard Joling and Beau van Erven Dorens.

Why water?

In the poorest parts of the world, almost 1 billion people lack access to clean water or proper sanitation. They’re at risk of water borne diseases. Most don’t even know it’s the water making them ill.

This is a problem we can solve easily in a decade, if we all come together and make it happen.


Photo: Two years ago, kids in Sacheta, Southern India, were suffering from flouride contamination. It’s in the ground water – as well as aching limbs, another side effect is white teeth. Now rainwater is harvested from rooftops. People feel the difference within weeks – the community becomes much healthier.

Why is this new?


Photo: Akvo co-founder Peter van der Linde.

For the first time, everyone funding Live Earth projects around the world can see where the money goes thanks to the Dutch internet startup

“People no longer want to just write a cheque to a charity,” explains Akvo co-founder Peter van der Linde, an expert in disaster management who now leads Akvo’s global partnerships.

“They want to feel their money is going to something specific. We’re offering people the chance to spend funds on real people, in real communities via the web and SMS. And we’re making it easy to see the results.”

Fund real projects today, via the web or SMS

All the money from Live Earth is funding real projects.


Anywhere you are in the world, see the projects online, or choose what to help fund:


Anyone in the Netherlands can also start donating to online water projects today through Akvo, by sending an SMS message.

Donation € 1,50/month
To become a fixed donor, sms
Cancel anytime by texting:
(€1.15/month goes to Akvo projects).

Editorial note
Interested in learning more about Akvo? Please check, or contact:
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