• Written by Thomas Bjelkeman-Pettersson
    13 October 2009

The Dow Live Earth Run for Water was announced today – it’s the biggest campaign ever to focus on the global water crisis.

On 18 April 2010 hundreds of 6 km runs and unique live broadcast events will be held across the world. Beginning with a first run at daybreak in Fiji, events will circle the globe in 24 hours, ending with a sunset race in Hawaii. The goal is to encourage people around the world to start solving the water problem, run or walk in their area, organise Live Earth events, give money to support water and sanitation around the world, and save water in homes and communities.

Akvo’s right in the middle of it – we’re Live Earth’s technology partner, and from today all of the projects that people can raise funds for are visible through the Akvo platform. Check out the first wave of Live Earth projects here. In one swoop, the value of projects in Akvo more than doubles and as the Run for Water channels funds to them, we’re now looking at providing around 800,000 people with access to clean water for the first time, all through small projects.

Los Angeles-based Live Earth is the first major campaign to work with us on this scale and it’s been exciting to adapt the Akvo platform to suit the needs of such a high profile campaigning organisation, with a track record in big media and big impact.

Akvo makes it possible for people raising funds through Live Earth runs or events to choose specific water and sanitation projects to support, across the developing world. People can follow progress online, via updates from local communities who will send short text and picture updates via the web and, from late this year, mobile phones.

There’s more on today’s Dow Live Earth Run for Water announcement here. If you want more background on Akvo, see our latest Akvo Media Backgrounder here.

Live Earth could reach out to as many as 100 countries through Run for Water. We’re really excited to be involved.