• Written by Jana Gombitova
    27 September 2018

Above: Celebrating Lumen’s first birthday with cake. Photo by Jana Gombitova.

This year’s World Water Week in Stockholm marked a very special occasion in Akvo history. One year ago, we launched 
Akvo Lumen! And what a ride it has been. We’ve learned a lot about data in the development sector, introduced improvements and functionalities to further simplify how you go from data to decision, and most importantly, together with you, used the power of data to strengthen your impact.

This calls for a celebration!

One year in the life of Lumen


What better way to celebrate this milestone of our data product than with data. Lumen is now used in 23 countries across the globe and has reached over 420 users who have created over 2,800 maps and visualisations. This has allowed users to make sense of their data, generate knowledge, and share their insights on 360 dashboards.

One year of learning


We’ve also learned a lot about how you use Lumen to work with data. We’ve learned that you, our partners, prefer to showcase your data on maps rather than tables. We found out that the ability to layer multiple sets of information is important for you, as it enables you to show the situation in a larger context. The ability to explore your data in different visual forms also helps you to understand the data more thoroughly, so creating different charts has to be seamless. Most of all, we found out that you are not looking for complicated workflows. You want to go easily from a dataset to learning, ideally as soon as new data comes in. The direct connection between Akvo Flow and Lumen enables you to see your visualisations transform as soon as you hit update. These insights help us drive the development of our products and our data journey services.

Happy birthday Lumen

It’s been an incredible year, with many ups and downs, twists and turns, and a lot of lessons learned. That is thanks to all of you who’ve made this milestone possible. To the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation and Cisco, who supported the development of Lumen financially. To all of our testers and early adopters, to the team behind Lumen, and to all of you who make use of Lumen and have joined us on the data journey. Without you, this celebration of data would not be possible.  

Join us in celebrating Lumen’s first birthday!
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Jana Gombitova is the product manager for Akvo Flow, Akvo Lumen and Akvo Caddisfly. You can follow her on Twitter @janagombitova.