Photo: Handing over an Akvo T-shirt to Claire Lyons. PepsiCo World Headquarters, Purchase, New York. 13 October 2011.

As Frodo described in his blog earlier this week we’ve been enjoying our time meeting US partners and potential partners this week. Following our UNDP briefing, via Twitter we spotted a blog by Ian Thorpe, who did a nice job of explaining what we do, and raised some interesting questions on how our platform could be adapted and used in new areas. We’re really happy that the UNDP team in Bratislava (who I met a few weeks ago) has now decided to try out our system for four pilot projects, to help explore this further. Anyway, here’s what we did in the second half of the week.

Photo: Presenting Akvo during the World Bank / USAID meeting. World Bank, Washington. 12 October 2011.

Edward Anderson had invited us to be present on Wednesday during a World Bank / US government meeting, on Water and ICT in Washington DC. We got an update on the Water Hackathons, and a very cool demo from Eric Gunderson about the work that has been done to map droughts in the horn of Africa. I was asked to describe the work we’ve done over the last few months with DGIS – the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Photo: Dan Shemie explains to me the ins and outs of the water hackathons, that will take place next week. Akvo will be involved in the London and Nairobi events. World Bank, Washington. 12 October 2011.

After the morning session Haley van Dyck, director of digital strategy at USAID, offered to join us in a follow-up meeting with Chris Holmes, James Franckiewicz and the water team at USAID. We identified some possible areas for collaboration, and expect to take this forward over the coming weeks.

Photo: We were delighted to find Akvo posters on show at the WSP office in Washington DC. In the photo are Edward Anderson (World Bank), Kara Watkins (WSP), myself and Haley van Dyck (USAID). World Bank, Washington. 12 October 2011.

On Thursday Frodo and I drove up to Purchase, for a meeting at the PepsiCo World Headquarters. During Stockholm Water Week we had been invited by Claire Lyons to come over and present our work, something we had been gearing up for all week. We had a good two hour session with representatives with various backgrounds in the company and after the meeting we had a good chat with Claire about different stakeholders and developments in the US water sector. We ended up having a walk through the sculpture garden, before heading back home. All in all it’s been a very fruitful and intense week.

On Monday I’m going to visit Luuk and some of our partners in Nairobi, to talk about our East Africa strategy. Also excited to finally meet Sam – the guy behind Kenyans for Kenyan – at the Nailab.

Peter van der Linde is a co-founder and director at Akvo.