*** Update at 8:40am Sunday – This morning we were informed that the Prince cannot now reach Poland due to the ash cloud over Europe, so will now come to the run after all ***. Last month the Prince of Orange’s office announced he would be participating tomorrow (Sunday) in the Live Earth Run for Water in Amsterdam. Unfortunately we heard this week that he must attend the funeral of the Polish president Lech Kaczyński, scheduled for the same day.

His office kindly sent Peter a statement in Dutch earlier today, which we thought we’d share with everyone:

“Komende zondag zullen wereldwijd mensen samenkomen om 6 kilometer te rennen voor veilig drinkwater. Als voorzitter van de VN Adviesraad voor Water en Sanitatie wil ik graag iedereen oproepen om deel te nemen en een succesvolle dag toewensen. Het belang van veilig drinkwater, dat dit evenement nastreeft, heeft mijn volle steun.”

A loose and unofficial translation (by Peter) into English is as follows:

“This coming Sunday people across the globe will come together to run 6 kilometres for safe drinking water. As chairman of the UN advisory panel on water and sanitation I would like to encourage everybody to participate and enjoy the day. This event stresses the importance of clean drinking water, which has my full support.”

It’s really great to hear this. Every Live Earth event around the world – and it looks like there will be at least 180 cities – is raising money for Akvo projects, so it will be an exciting day.

In particular, we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible tomorrow morning at the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam. We gather at 11am, and start running at midday. Here’s the lowdown on what’s happening. The weather forecast looks great right now. See you there.

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