• Written by Jo Pratt
    28 February 2017

A new Akvopedia app for Android mobiles and tablets is now available in Google Play.

Akvopedia is Akvo’s free online resource for finding and sharing knowledge about all stages of water, sanitation and hygiene projects, as well as food and nutrition security. It’s filled with information on smart and affordable technologies and approaches in rural or urban settings and is also widely used by project teams to learn more about financing, constructing and maintaining a project to keep it functioning and stable for the long term.

Anyone can edit and contribute knowledge to Akvopedia via the akvopedia.org website. It currently contains around 2,000 articles primarily in English, as well as some pages in eight other languages, mostly within the water and sanitation portals: French, Spanish, Hindi, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Swahili, Tamil and Malayalam.

The initial release of the Akvopedia app lets you access all the information from Akvopedia.org on your Android device. You can search and browse articles, and save content in order to access it while you’re offline. You can also adjust the font size for easier to read text. Video is currently disabled in the app, but will be working in a future release

Jo Pratt is a communications consultant based in the UK. You can follow her on Twitter @jo108.