• Written by Winona Azure
    10 June 2015

This week we’ve added a completely new portal to Akvopedia, focused on food – specifically food security. This reflects the critical importance of resilient food systems within our water and sanitation knowledge base. Here’s a joint statement about it, with ICCO, for those who want to share it or write about it.

New Akvopedia Food and Nutrition Security Portal

Amsterdam, 10 June 2015 – Easy access and sharing of practical information on food and nutrition security in developing countries – that’s the purpose of the Food and Nutrition Security Portal within Akvopedia, which went live this week. The portal is an initiative of ICCO Cooperation and Akvo and can be found here.

Marijke de Graaf, ICCO Cooperation food and nutrition security specialist explains, “This portal is aimed at practitioners and decision-makers from local and international development organisations, government agencies, cooperatives and companies. It not only gives them access to practical information on all aspects of food security and healthy food, and at the same time provides a forum to share experiences. The portal improves the exchange of information, knowledge and practical examples, to contribute to mutual learning and innovation.”

The information is grouped into four themes: the right to food, availability of food, access to food and utilization of food. The long track record of ICCO Cooperation and its partners around the world, promoting the realisation of the Right to Food for all, forms a solid base for the portal.

The presentation is based on existing portals, facilitated by Akvo, specifically focusing on user friendliness. This is being safeguarded by among other things uniformity and interaction with users.

Winona Azure, Akvopedia editor explains “Akvopedia now reflects the critical importance of resilient food systems within our water and sanitation knowledge base. Integrating this together with ICCO Cooperation creates a more valuable resource in eradicating poverty and keeping communities stable in the face of chaotic climate change events. We encourage anyone to contribute to Akvopedia, as ICCO Coperation has, and help us bring our new portal to full fruition. I hope that it will help spark a vibrant community of contributors.”

For more background on Akvopedia visit https://akvo.org/products/akvopedia/


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Winona Azure is the editor of Akvopedia, based in San Francisco.