At the end of 2015 we launched a brand new self-help support centre for Akvo FLOW; a portal that includes a knowledge base, manuals, tutorials and guides to help our partners.

For Akvo RSR we wanted to use the same system to help our users and staff. So we’ve set up a new portal with knowledge articles, video tutorials, guides and a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section. Users can find items in the library by using the search box, or click on a specific category. Everything is categorised and ordered so that you can find articles about the same topic in the same place.

Akvo RSR support centre

You can also use the support centre to get in touch with us to ask questions about the functionality of a new feature, if your organisation is thinking about using RSR and you’d like more information, if you want to report a bug, or you’d like to give suggestions to further improve the tool. Using the contact form enables us to make sure you get connected to the right person at Akvo.  

The support centre will help us to gather questions and provide answers in one place, learn from our users and support them better, and ultimately improve RSR. Information won’t get lost in people’s emails, Skype messages or other places. We will keep track of and analyse the questions and topics that come in and constantly update the articles and extend the knowledge base. 

Today we are launching the new RSR support centre and I would like to invite you to have a look. Feedback and questions are welcome. It should be easy for you to fill in the contact form. As my colleague Geert said in his blog about launching the Akvo FLOW support centre: “This process has no end, we’ll constantly improve and reshape it to provide the best user support, any place, any time, always, in order to give your a smile, and stick one on our faces as well.”

Laura Roverts is product manager at Akvo, based in Amsterdam. You can follow her on twitter @lauraroverts