Hans Merton

Programme manager

Hans helps establish new programmes and consortia so partners can unleash the potential of Akvo RSR, Akvo FLOW, Akvopedia and Akvo Openaid. Hans has twenty years experience as a manager and director of programmes and divisions in the field of environmental and water management consultancy.

Before joining Akvo he was a director of corporate marketing and communications and deputy director of the Environment division at Royal Haskoning. One of Europe’s top project management, engineering and consultancy groups, it is the oldest consultancy firm in the Netherlands, established in 1881. As a management consultant at the firm Proven Partners, he worked for several years on knowledge management initiatives. Hans studied civil engineering, water management and sanitation as a geohydrologist at TU Delft, including a period in Burkina Faso. From University, he joined Iwaco BV as a researcher, then project manager and later regional director, leading teams focused on water management and soil & groundwater quality. He is based in the Netherlands.