Alvaro works in Akvo’s Amsterdam team and helps to improve how we describe Akvo to key audiences, and how we reach out and engage with them. He was previously communication manager for Res Artis, the world’s largest network of artist residences, having been a cultural manager of Proyecto’ ace, an artist residence in Argentina. Alvaro has a bachelor of science in Business Administration from the University of Buenos Aires. Follow Alvaro on Twitter @aj_desalvo.

Laura is part of the Amsterdam Marcomms team. In her role, she builds marketing strategies to drive engagement and demand for Akvo’s tools and services and helps improve Akvo’s interaction with its partners at different stages of the customer journey across online and offline channels.

Prior to joining Akvo, Laura worked as global marketing and communications advisor with SNV Netherlands Development Organisation and as senior marketer with the European Association for International Education. Next to her role at Akvo, she also works as independent marketing adviser for non-profit organisations.

Laura holds an MSc in Strategic Marketing from the University of Maastricht and two BSc degrees – in International Marketing and Business Administration – from the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest. During her studies, she also followed courses at Lazarski University in Warsaw and Heidelberg University in Germany. Laura is based in Utrecht. Follow her @LauraTufis.

Linda is responsible for the way Akvo’s story is told visually. In this role she lends her graphic and design skills to many areas of our foundation, setting the visual style for our brand. You can see her work in many of our materials, from printed leaflets, presentations and our website to the way we dress our offices and events.

Linda started at Akvo as our in house graphic designer. Prior to joining Akvo she worked as a consultant for Artamuse, where she developed lesson projects about audio-visual arts for elementary schools. She also worked as a graphic designer for ZZDP Architecten. Linda’s passion for design and cultural heritage has led her to volunteer her time and expertise to organisations such as Centraal Museum, NorthernLight, and CODA Museum and at a number of schools in the Netherlands, where she taught fine arts and cultural heritage.

Linda has a BA in Cultural Heritage from Reinwardt Academy in Amsterdam and a BA in Fine Arts in Education from the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht, the Netherlands. In addition to working for Akvo she runs Dutches, her own design studio. She is based in London. You can find her on Twitter @LindaDutches.

Georgia is part of the Marcomms team in Amsterdam. She supports Akvo staff in telling stories about our organisation and our partners, all over the world. She has a BA in English Literature from the University of the West of England and the University of Ljubljana, and a Research MA in Cultural Analysis from the University of Amsterdam. Georgia is also an editor at the online journal the grid and tweets @gmmanna.