Despite the European “summer” being in full swing, it’s not all been vacation vacation vacation, here in the Akvo development team. Some of us have been working hard behind the scenes to bring you the latest in fun-filled features for extra pleasure in your RSR experience.

The full details of the release can be seen in our public release notes. But here’s a quick overview of some of the highlights…

Maps and location improvements

We’ve done some more work on the maps and location work that we started in the last release including adding some improvements to the info windows that show up when you click on a point on the maps, enable searching on all locations associated with a project and we added an animation to display while the map is loading – luckily we don’t see this too often as the new maps are super speedy in their loading time!

A new Python

In the engine room we also improved one of the major pumps of the system – Python got an upgrade to version 2.7. Not only does this allow us to use some really nice feature rich libraries that do fancy things, but as 2.7 is the last in the 2.X series of Python, we won’t need to change this for a very long time. While you probably won’t notice the difference, we are all over the moon at the extended functionality now at our fingertips.

API prototype

Finally, I want to introduce our new API prototype that was put together using TastyPie. No this isn’t something we picked up from the local bakery, but a nice Python library that gives us almost out of the box API functionality. We’ve begun the documentation effort for this feature, which you can view here. We’ll be working closely with a few of our partners over the next few weeks to try this out and see what other features and functions we want to add to make it the snazziest, grooviest, and of course most useful API out there – got to dream big to win big folks!

Adrian Collier is the product manager for Akvo RSR, based in Amsterdam.