So we’ve been busy in the trenches at Akvo for the past 2 weeks, but we’re already ready for our next release for Akvo RSR. Today we’ve launched a minor release, version 2.0.7 codenamed Hawthorn.

We have spent some time developing a new way of displaying maps on the site. This is needed as we’re planning some interesting and challenging updates to project locations and maps coming up, and this the foundation to be able to build these features on.

One of the immediate benefits to you is the separation of map and pins loading. Now the background of the map loads directly, with the pins being added later. This helps to improve the loading time of the page dramatically.

We’re using this new functionality for the Global Project Map, the Global Organisation Map, and the map that shows at the top of Partner Sites pages. While implemented, these maps are currently in Beta, and we are already working on improving and polishing for the next release, where these maps will be rolled out throughout Akvo RSR.

A knock-on effect of us working on locations and maps, is that the Listing Widget we offer has been modified to disable the sorting on Continent and Country. We will come back to this widget after our location changes.

As well as getting a big mappy, we’ve also managed to fix a few niggling issues that may have been bothering you…

Partner Sites now have fully styled Error pages, so if you happen to stray off-piste somewhat, then you should be able to find your way back on track. An example of this can be seen at this “Incorrect Link”:

If you’ve wanted to use the site to find a Partner in the Akvo Network to work with, then you may have noticed that navigating the Partner List had some issues that removed filters – but this is now resolved, so you can now see the full list of partners by type by selecting the appropriate list here:

We have removed the “People who get…” box from organisation pages, as the existing figures were centred around Water and Sanitation. We will reintroduce this soon with a more diversified set of metrics.

Finally, after we released our new Partner Sites Widget last release, we noticed that the information presented on the page where you obtain the widgets was incorrect. This has now been updated to declare correctly that users who click on these widgets will be directed to the Partner Site itself.