The open data movement in India is vibrant and has been growing steadily in the past few years.

Akvo Foundation has been involved with an eminent community in this movement called DataMeet, and this year is partnering with other organisations to help DataMeet hold an Open Data Camp in New Delhi.

This is the second camp in the city and Akvo has played a central role in organising both.

The camp is based on an open ‘unconference model’ and will be held on Sunday 22 November 2015. It will provide a space to open up and work with government and non-government data in India.

This year’s Camp will focus on advancing these conversations towards discussing and articulating how the open data agenda should be integrated into the Digital India initiative, the flagship programme of the Government of India.

It has the aim to harness the possibilities of information technologies for accountable governance, effective citizenship, and a productive and job-creating digital economy.

As part of the program, we’ll examine recent international processes towards better global availability of interoperable and comparable data, such as the Data Revolution for Sustainable Development initiative of UN, and the International Open Data Charter – introduced by the Open Data Working Group of Open Government Partnership – will provide the wider context for our discussions. 

The Akvo South Asia team has been instrumental in organising this event and supporting the DataMeet’s Delhi chapter.

At the camp, we will be showcasing Akvo Caddisfly, to illustrate how mobile tools can feed into the open data revolution for better infrastructure and services development.

Guneet Narula supports technical partnerships and training in Akvo’s Asia hub. He’s based in New Delhi and you can follow him on Twitter @guneetnarula