• Written by Charlotte Soedjak
    24 May 2023

In 2014 DGIS and Akvo joined forces in a public private partnership (PPP) that aims to improve existing products, to provide a framework for online reporting, monitoring progress directly from the field using mobile phones, and knowledge sharing in the development sector. 

Running from 2014-2017 the activities of this programme are based around four pillars:

  • Product: further developing and interlinking existing products Akvo RSR, Akvo FLOW and Akvopedia.
  • Countries: target countries of the programme are Kenya, Ethiopia, Liberia, Mali, Benin, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Nepal.
  • Partnerships: to provide a framework that can be used for paperless reporting, monitoring and the open interchange of data at scale. 
  • External communication: (…) 

The PPP programme is divided in the following 13 sub projects:

1. Akvopedia The online knowledge platform Akvopedia is filled with information on smart and affordable water and sanitation solutions. In cooperation with our partners, Akvo will continue to extend existing portals and add new knowledge portals – plans include new WASH portals for Emergency, Monitoring & Evaluation and Decision Support. An application will be developed enabling users to access Akvopedia via phone app. In addition, the translation programme will make pages become accessible in various languages. Read about or share progress of this project.

2. Akvo RSR The online project reporting platform Akvo RSR will be further developed and enhanced. It will be integrated with other Akvo products in order to create an online reporting tool that can replace paper-based reporting. Improvements include IATI import and export feature, a full visual and functional redesign, and the development of RSR Impact (exact name to be defined), a feature which enables using the tool to report on results and indicators in addition to adding narrative progress updates. Read about or share progress of this project.

3. Akvo product integration The aim of this project is to interlink Akvo core products so data can interchange openly between them. This includes the development of Akvo product API’s, full IATI compatibility of RSR, linking Akvopedia articles to RSR projects, and the feed in of data from Akvo tools into Akvo DASH (product under development). Read about or share progress of this project. Read about or share progress of this project.

4. End-user feedback systems Maintaining water point functionality is key to the success of water supply projects. User feedback is a collaborative effort involving all stakeholders. This project focuses on integrating SMS services with data on pump and well characteristics already collected via Akvo FLOW, to enable user feedback to be gathered via text. This will be piloted within existing programmes. Read about or share progress of this project. 

5. Narrowcasting This is a web-based tool that lets organisations build and share stories of their work from RSR (Really Simple Reporting) that are published according to the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) standard, via public display screens. 

6. Partnership development

7. Online publication of DGIS-IGG water portfolio

8. Dutch embassy portfolio

9. East Africa
10. West Africa
11. South Asia
12. South East Asia

13. Communication and outreach

For a full online PPP programme overview check akvoppp3.akvoapp.org

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