Yesterday was kickoff day for WaterCube 2, the second ever Stockholm World Water Cube. This is our chance to turn inside-out what an international conference and water and sanitation should be all about.

Photo: Johanna Rösth and Joel Krigström of SIWI. Stockholm World Water Cube. Sunday 5 September 2010. (India Water Portal’s Deepak Menon is on the big screen). is a unique video project to document people working to tackle the problems billions face getting access to clean water and proper sanitation.

We want to help those working in water and sanitation – from field workers to policy makers, through every step and role in between and beyond – learn how to use online video to begin documenting their own work using handheld video cameras.

Settle back and watch our work. You can share links to videos, or indeed embed online anything that interests you. Everything is published under a creative commons sharealike license.

The WaterCube is led by SIWI, IRC and Akvo and this year we’ve also got reporters from the India Water Portal and five national resource centre networks on water and sanitation: Burkina Faso (CREPA), Honduras (RAS-HON), Ghana (RCN Ghana), Nepal (ENPHO), Uganda (NETWAS).

Click on the image below to see my Flickr photoset of “Day Zero”.

Mark Charmer is a co-founder of Akvo.