foto-4 For the past three months, I’ve taken some time out from work to travel along the Silk Road – from Turkey to Kyrygzstan – together with my friend Marij Swinkels. As Akvo has been working with UNDP in Central and Eastern Europe for over a year now, I thought it would be nice to stop off to visit one of their country offices in Central Asia as I was passing nearby. That’s how I met Laylo Fotikh, James Brindley and Ekaterina Biryukova of UNDP Uzbekistan in Tashkent. UNDP is one of our partners that use Akvo RSR very intensively. They currently have 40 projects online and are working hard to get more field partners on board.
Screen Shot 2013-07-04 at 13.55.18 Above: Original Uzbek table cloth. Photo credit: Lissy van Noort. Top: Lissy snaps a picture of James Brindley in UNDP’s office in Tashkent. Photo credit: Marij Swinkels
It was great to have a talk with them and get to know how they and their field partners use Akvo RSR on a regular basis. One of the things Ekaterina told me is that she uses the project updates for mid-term evaluations. It’s very easy to show others what work has been done by just directing them to the updates page. Laylo pointed out that using the Akvo RSR system gives project staff the opportunity to write updates in a way that’s short, simple and jargon-free and reaches a new audience for UNDP. James talks about his work to get UNDP projects online in this video interview: I really like the way UNDP is training their own project staff to create project pages and updating their projects regularly. (For example, here’s the update stream of the Local Governance Support project James mentions in the interview.) In this way, they’re not only bringing their projects online but also giving everyone who’s interested the chance to keep abreast of project progress. Keep up the good work!