I got the chance to talk this morning with Stephen Brown and Rachael Phillips at Pump Aid about the launch plans for Live Earth London and Manchester.

Photo: City Hall, London, where Live Earth London’s PR kicks off this Monday morning, on “the scoop” steps, with an 8am media photocall. It will feature 250 pairs of training shoes, emphasising the number of people in a community that a single Pump Aid Elephant Pump can provide with clean water. (CC-BY-SA – by Mark Charmer)

In the video below, they outline plans, including a photo-launch this Monday, and their social media work.

Pump Aid was officially confirmed last month as the lead recipient for the British Live Earth Run for Water events. It’s netted some great press coverage in recent weeks, including this piece in The Times and this in NGO-trade publication ThirdSector. Oh and a wonderful piece, again in The Times, by Matthew Parris. The Dow Live Earth Run for Water (website here) aims to be the world’s largest ever global initiative focused on raising awareness and funds to tackle the global water crisis. All the projects that are being funded from money raised globally will feature web and SMS reporting via the Akvo system, and I’m hoping Pump Aid can lead the world by doing really cool project updates from their projects across Africa this year. You can see Pump Aid’s project list here.

Akvo helped connect Pump Aid and Live Earth together in the summer, after we’d been introduced to Pump Aid by the marvellous Poop Creative guys – so it’s fantastic to see things moving so quickly. We’re closely following the Live Earth Amsterdam event, too, and in the spirit of open source marketing, we’re hoping that each organising team can share their plans openly, meaning more successful events that raise more money for water and sanitation projects.

Mark Charmer is a co-founder of Akvo.