• Written by Laura Roverts
    7 November 2013


Red TIC Bolivia is a network of 25 organisations from around Bolivia who all use information and communications technology (known as “ICT”) for sustainable human development in the fields of education, governance, gender and agriculture. A member of the Connect4Change consortium, it aims to improve the lives of Bolivian people, reduce poverty and bridge the digital gap by promoting the embrace of computers, mobile phones and information systems to solve problems.

One of Red Tic Bolivia’s local partners is PROINPA, an organisation that aims to improve agricultural practices and food security by promoting the sustainable use of resources, competitiveness of agricultural products and ICT innovations. 

Above and below: Gladys Mamani (left) and Arminda Cargas, agricultural promotors for Red TIC Bolivia affiliate PROINPA, in front of Arminda’s house in Romer Kota community, close to Lahuachaca, Bolivia.They have been trained to make and edit short videos detailing successful agricultural techniques and technical innovations which they show to local farmers in community cinemas as one in a range of teaching tools they use to spread information. Photo by Jaime Cisneros.

Knowledge exchange is actively encouraged by Red TIC Bolivia. Within the Connect4Change programme it is working to strengthen, integrate and expand the use of ICT to improve the flow of information about technological and commercial innovations to farmers. It uses Akvo RSR on its website in the form of Akvo Pages to share knowledge and content from its partners across its network and with other organisations. 

PROINPA collaborates with other organisations in the area, encouraging their information and communication technology promoters through continuous training and support and the provision of tools, ICT equipment and knowledge. It is not afraid to innovate and use such technologies in better and more creative ways.

All Connect4Change projects share the underlying aim of accelerating development through intelligent use of technology. Red TIC Bolivia seeks to improve the lives of small producers and decrease the gap between urban and rural areas.

Red TIC Bolivia is based in La Paz, but the member organisations of the Red TIC network implement projects in nine departments across Bolivia, both in rural and urban areas.

PROINPA is headquartered in Cochabamba but has offices across Bolivia.

Who’s using Akvo tools on the ground?
In Bolivia, local organisations within the Connect4Change consortium use Akvo RSR. In December 2011 we ran an RSR training course for all local partners. During the workshop, partners learned how to conduct short video interviews with a flipcamera and how to post updates online to show the progress of their projects. In coordination with Red TIC, the participants also did some field visits to practice capturing good information for their updates. 

training montage
Since March 2013 Red TIC has been assisting the Bolivian Connect4Change partners to update their projects on Akvo RSR and keep their projects up to date.  Carmen Yaffar, head of communications at Red TIC Bolivia, supports Connect4Change partners like PROINPA in Bolivia to work with the Akvo RSR platform. Samantha Cabrera of PROINPA posts regular updates to RSR about the work that PROINPA’s agricultural promoters are doing.

updates 850w

Above: on the Bolivian country page of the Connect4Change website you can see the latest project updates and blogs. 

Here is a video with Spanish subtitles about Arminda Cargas’ work and life.

Laura Roverts is a programme manager at Akvo, based in Amsterdam.

Updated on 19 November 2013 by Mark Charmer. Edited to improve clarity regarding the definition of ICT to audiences outside development groups.

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