• Written by Lissy van Noort
    17 December 2014

Above: participants on the first RSR training workshop in Suriname for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ International Cultural Policy Unit (ICE)
Photo by David de Bruijne

Last week, we organised our first ever RSR training course in Suriname. Together with our strategic partner CommonSites, we are working with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affair’s International Cultural Policy Unit (ICE) to bring online via RSR culture and development projects in eight focus countries.

In July this year, we organised an RSR training workshop in one of these focus countries; Kenya. My colleague Elma wrote this blog about it. 

This month it was time for partners in the second focus country, Suriname, to join an RSR training course organised by ICE, CommonSites, local partner Projekta and Akvo. David de Bruijne, creative director of CommonSites who is based in Curacao, facilitated the training which took place in Paramaribo. You can read about David’s experiences during the workshop in his blog.

Lissy van Noort is project manager at Akvo, based in Amsterdam.