Rockandrun_480 On Sunday the 2nd of June the most fun charity run in the Netherlands took place for the third time, Rock and Run 2013. This run, hosted by one of our partners EARTH Concepts, was all about doing good, by having fun! The Akvo team was so enthusiastic about this run, that we committed ourselves to set up our own team (40) and we took the stage last Sunday. Dressed to impress we ran 6 kilometers and doing so collected money (546EUR) for the Ulgulului River Project by the Naga Foundation. The total of funds raised by Rock and Run amounted €30.165! At 13:30 sharp we set off and followed the track leading us through parts of historical Amsterdam. We cannot tell you how fast we did it, because there was no clock to be found during this run, proving fun really is the only way to define this spectacle. At least one person did track his time, and provided us of this crazy overview on the map! route_480 At the moment we Team Akvo is heading the EarthWater Facebook page  – check Rock and Run page for more pictures or check out the after-movie below. We as Akvo like this event, because it shows basically how easy it is to come together, have a lot of fun and at the same time help funding an amazing project somewhere in Africa. Next year we’ll be up for the 12 km run! Stefan van Heukelum is a project officer at Akvo, based in Amsterdam.