In December we wrote about our evolving collaboration with one of the first commercial Akvo partners: EARTH Water. Jointly we drafted several activities for this year, all related to creating awareness and raising funds for a new unique project by the Naga Foundation on the Akvo platform and trying to reach a new audience.

During the first activity for 2013, EARTH Water activated its relationship with the popular Dutch band Chef’Special at the Eurosonic Noorderslag festival – Europe’s main showcase festival for European music. Visitors of the festival (sold out with 33,000 visitors) were requested to donate a percentage of the entry fee to support EARTH Water and to drink EARTH Water during the festival. The net-profit of EARTH Water was donated to projects a set of projects featured through Akvo RSR. In total 5K has been donated via EARTH Water by the 33,000 visitors of Eurosonic in 2012. Take a look at the project page to follow the progress on this project.

This is a great example of how marketing oriented organisations can connect with new audiences and support development projects, like the Kenya project of the Naga Foundation.

Chef’Special visited the project in Kenya run by the Naga Foundation. The Naga Foundation develops and realises initiatives that reverse the process of desertification. By rehabilitating degraded soils and re-greening environments, Naga repairs entire ecosystems and thus restores the stability of the regional climate. Naga aims to inspire the world to take matters into hands in order to realize a green, livable world for everyone.

Check out Chef’Special during their visit to Kenya:
The strength of EARTH Water is not just delivering a good product, but also the ability to attract and motivate people to get out of their comfort zone through their creative spirit.

Normally we don’t promote specific events, but as Akvo staff we decided to get out of our own comfort zone, form a team and join the Rock and Run event.

Rock and Run is designed to be fun. It is a 6km run across the canals through the beautiful Jordaan area in Amsterdam. During the run you will be motivated by lots of bands playing music along with other spectacles. Do you want to get inspired to join our team during the Rock and Run 2013 event? Watch the movie following last year’s run.

Besides running ourselves on the 2nd June, we would like to ask you to join us. We have committed ourselves to organise a team of 100 persons, consisting of friends, family, partners in our network, etc. The Akvo team is enthusiastic about this event and the fundraising project. That’s why we would like to offer you a ticket for Rock and Run 2013. With this ticket you will not only get access to the event, but also receive:

–       Exclusive Rock and Run t-shirt
–       Bottle of Earth Water
–       A ‘Heavy Medal’
–       Access to a VIP business area
–       Group picture at the start
–       Opportunity for changing clothes

All you have to do yourself is to raise funds for the Naga Foundation in Kenya:

Interested? Let us know and we will share more information about registration and fundraising. Please send an email to

Frodo van Oostveen is programme manager at Akvo, based in Amsterdam.