Thomas is a visionary systems architect and designer with both a software and environmental science background. He is our chief technology officer and steers the team to harness the maximum potential from open source methods. He began developing software ventures in Britain and California, working closely with many early-wave internet entrepreneurs.

A serial entrepreneur himself, he helped introduce web technology in corporate environments during the mid-nineties. In 1994, he helped start Stellent CMS which eventually sold to Oracle. In 1997 he co-founded web analytics company ISSEL and in 1999 Zezame, which built web page annotation systems. He is (still) trying to complete an MSc in Environmental Science at Stockholm University. Follow Thomas on Twitter @bjelkeman.

Lars is responsible for overseeing all aspects of product development and technical operations within Akvo, In this role, he manages the teams responsible for developing and operating our digital products, ranging from concept management to operations of the digital platform.

Lars has a great deal of experience in software development, having worked in the industry since 1995. Prior to joining Akvo, he was most recently the CTO of the vehicle e-trade startup, Garantibil Sverige AB. His prior roles include software developer, CEO, game developer and computer textbook author. He has also served as a board member for a number of companies and organisations, including Jayway Stockholm AB, Funded By Me and Svenska Kyrkans Press AB. Lars is one of the founders of Stockholm Makerspace.

Lars studied informatics, media and communications science, sociology, philosophy and english at Umeå University. He is also a certified scrum master. Lars is based in Stockholm. Follow him @barse


Gabriel has been an independent software developer for 15 years. He works primarily in Python, the programming language upon which Akvo RSR is built, along with the website framework Django. Gabriel also leads the development and management of Akvo’s web servers based on Linux/Apache and MySQL.

He has been involved in a number of advanced software projects using emerging programming languages. He worked from 1999 to 2003 alongside Akvo founder Thomas Bjelkeman to build Zezame, an early AJAX-based application for web-based annotations. He has developed web applications for SEB, one of Sweden’s largest banks, for Microsoft Sweden and for Gambro, a medical equipment manufacturer. Gabriel studied maths and programming at Stockholm University and physics at Sweden’s Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). You can find Gabriel on Twitter at: @gabrie1

Stellan is a developer, programmer and engineer who likes to work at the point where software and hardware intercept. He’s currently focused on developing Akvo FLOW, making it easier to use and more closely aligned to user needs. Until recently he was senior product engineer at the Blindsight Corporation where he created very sophisticated applications of machine vision for blind and visually impaired people.

Stellan first met Akvo’s Thomas Bjelkeman and Gabriel von Heijne when they studied together at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm in the 1980s. Stellan stayed at the Institute as systems manager, eventually joining the team that built Astrid-2, a Swedish plasma physics research satellite. In the late 1990s he co-founded Concinnity, a maker of online business management tools and, in 1999, together with Thomas, the web development and management company Zezame. Stellan is based in Stockholm.

Lynn wears two hats in Akvo. As product manager,  Lynn serves the end-users, partners and stakeholders of Akvo Sites, as well as Lynn is responsible for market research, ROI, customer feedback analysis as well as acting as a bridge between users and the development team. Lynn also runs Internal IT projects for the Akvo team.  She began her career in IT as a support person in her hometown, Cape Town.

Lynn has worked in IT Management roles for logistics companies in both London and Amsterdam, as well as for a university in London.  Lynn loves the ever changing world of technology and her ability to influence and participate in developments that have wide-reaching social benefits through her role at Akvo. South African by birth, Lynn is now based in Sweden. Lynn is passionate about gardening, albeit in the Nordics. She speaks English, Dutch, Afrikaans and Swedish. Follow her at @lynngre.