When you create a file, or receive a share to a file you are likely to use often, you should set it as a favourite. This means that it will always be easy to find as it will be in your personalised list of favourite files.

This is the third in a new series of short posts by Lynn Greenwood, Akvo’s technical support guru-ess. It’s really intended for the Akvo team, but it might be of interest to other people too. Most of the IT systems Akvo uses are modern cloud-based and Mac/PC-based ones. So we’re all learning as we go. Illustration by Linda Leunissen.

Dropbox only offers this functionality via their mobile apps for Android and iOS, this allows for offline use of the file. On Android devices hover over the file name and select ‘favorite’. For iOS you select the star icon.

To set a file or folder as ‘starred’ on Google Drive, when accessing it via the browser, you merely have to toggle the star icon to left of the file name in the list of files. To view a list of your ‘starred’ files simply select ‘Starred’ in the navigation area to the left. When a file is no longer used ‘unstar’ it.

Google Drive also offers the option of viewing starred files on mobile devices. To set a file as ‘starred’ select the ‘i’ icon, found to the right of the file name and then select the greyed out star.

The next time you find yourself franticly searching for a file you use all of the time, save yourself some frustration and star it!