Rapper Bang Bang will be fighting on Monday the 26th of January in the Escape nightclub in Amsterdam, raising funds to provide drinking water for at least 700 slum people in Bangladesh.

A few months ago rapper Bang Bang got inspired by these pictures that were taken by Eddy van Wessel during a cyclone that hit Bangladesh. He decided it was time to make a difference, challenged kickboxer Shannon Gomes and is now just days away from his fundraising fight to provide safe drinking water for poor people in Bangladesh.


National and local media, attending the press meeting where BangBang faced kickboxer Shannon Gomes. Amsterdam, Netherlands, 21 January 2009.

Yesterday national and local media gathered for a press meeting where Bang Bang and Shannon Gomes met face to face. Pictures can be found here.

The money that is raised will be used to support this Akvo project from our field partner BASA to provide safe drinking water for at least 700 people in a slum in Gazipur, Bangladesh. The slum people currently have no access to safe drinking water. As a result water borne diseases occur regularly.

During the project water will be collected by a deep tube well, stored in an overhead reservoir and piped to 15 distribution points. I like this project particularly because it will be maintained by representatives from the local slum communities.

BASA will share short text and photo updates regularly, to make sure donors can follow progress online. We will make sure Bang Bang and his fans know what happens with the money that will be collected on the night of the fight.

More information about this event can be found on the website fighting for water. Tickets for the fight can be ordered, it contains short videos where you see BangBang’s preparation, and you can make donations there. There’s more on our discussions with BangBang here.

Peter van der Linde is the partner – director of Akvo.