Original artwork from The Blossom Project

Back in October, we stumbled across an intriguing initiative called The Blossom Project (see website here). It had published a letter to Akvo which began:

It is our very great pleasure to present your team with the original artwork herewith enclosed, a gift of The Blossom Project.

The purpose of the Blossom Project is to inspire people to do their best to serve the needs of the global community, as defined by the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations. The enclosed watercolour painting is one of 19 we are sending out as gifts to individuals or groups able to bring about positive change in the world…

Although it was dated 5th August, we had yet to receive it or the artwork in the post. So while we were delighted and surprised to be picked to receive a token of appreciation such as this, we were a bit confused as to how it had come about, and slightly concerned that it hadn’t arrived.

I contacted the Project and was reassured by the lovely Allan Casey that as the paintings had been sent out from the US by surface mail, it was not at all surprising that it hadn’t yet arrived. In fact he was surprised to be hearing from us so soon. The painting and the letter finally arrived yesterday at Akvo’s headquarters in Amsterdam.

The Blossom Project is a very generous and inspiring concept. Allan, a journalist, and his artist wife Marlene Yuzak seek out individuals and organisations who they consider to be doing good work. Then they send them a painting as “a way of encouraging people to be their best” and an “invitation to pass on their own encouragements, to make their own gifts”. I just think that’s great! Thank you very much, Blossom Project.

 Jo Pratt is Communications Manager at Akvo