About 700 people joined us yesterday morning to hear new ideas that can change how the water sector works. Speakers included Djeevan Schiferli from IBM, Alix Zwane from Google Foundation, Thomas from Akvo and Becky Straw from charity:water. We also heard from Ben White about how a new generation of Africa Interactive reporters are changing how projects can be reported from the continent, using low cost video. Thanks also to contributions from Helixer, Bogazici University and Joke Witteveen from the internet gaming industry.


We had great questions from the floor via our SMS page. Here’s Rik Fleuren from NWP, with his system built for the event at short notice. All the messages went via his old Nokia phone, taped together using a 10 year old piece of software.

Here’s Mark’s photoset. We did many video interviews on site with partners and people who we got close to during the event. The highlights were shown on the big screen during the session. See the videos below.

We finished with a video from rapper and boxer BangBang. Last month he raised around 8,000 Euros for this water project in Bangladesh. This video gives a flavour. Enjoy!

(Updated on 5 May 2009 by Mark to feature video interview embed)