• Written by Peter van der Linde
    10 April 2009

On the 26th of January rapper Bang Bang fought in nightclub the Escape in Amsterdam. He won and raised funds to provide drinking water to poor people in Bangladesh.

The fundraising night “Fighting for Water” managed to generate enough funds for this Akvo project in Bangladesh to get started. We want to thank BangBang and all the other people who made this night possible, especially the kickboxing fighters and the fans who supported the event.

The money that is raised has been transferred to our field partner BASA, to provide safe drinking water for at least 700 people in a slum in Gazipur, Bangladesh. The slum people currently have no access to safe drinking water. As a result water borne diseases occur regularly.

During a Skype call with the local director of BASA, Shirajul Islam, he informed us of the plans. Water will be collected by a deep tube well, stored in an overhead reservoir and piped to 15 distribution points. The project will be maintained by representatives from the local slum communities themselves.

The preparatory activities in the Gazipur slum have now been taken up. The initial activities included a survey of the slum, selection of the distribution points and awareness raising among the slum dwellers, establishing linkage with the Gazipur municipality authority in case any support is required.


The initial activities include awareness raising among the slum communities.

On 22 March BASA held a rally and awareness raising meeting in observance of the World Water Day which was largely participated by people of the slum and other stakeholders including local authorities and media representatives.

I am planning to visit Bangladesh to meet several Akvo partners in the end of Mai or early June, and will be able to share more news than.

Peter van der Linde is the partner – director of Akvo